Florence Pugh Agreed To Join Black Widow On One Condition

Florence Pugh said she would make 'Black Widow' only if the producers agree to her one and only request.

Florence Pugh wouldn't have signed up for Black Widow if her diet was "constantly checked on".

The 24-year-old actress, who plays Yelena Belova in the upcoming Marvel movie, admitted it was a "big deal" for her not to have to stick to exacting eating regimes and gruelling workouts devised by producers as she wanted to be the one "calling the shots" over her own body.

She told ELLE UK: "When I got the job, I wanted to know what the regime was. I wanted to know whether it was them or me calling the shots.

"That was a big deal for me. I didn't want to be part of something where I was constantly checked on. And people making sure I was in the 'right' shape. That's not me at all."

The Little Women star took her own food to the set with her, even though co-star Scarlett Johansson offered to share the meals made by her own chef, but the actress preferred doing her own cooking because it helped her relax.

She said: "Scarlett had this amazing guy who cooked beautiful things for her and her team.

"I thought that was clever because you're doing fitness all the time and you need to have someone who's on top of what you're eating and the nutrients you're getting.

"I remember her asking, 'Why are you cooking for yourself? Just let us feed you!' And I was like, 'Nope'.

"My brain is so 'Pew, pew, pew'. Genuinely, my therapeutic thing is chopping and cooking and stirring and tasting."

Pugh relished filming action scenes for Black Widow, which was originally slated to open here in April but is now pushed back to Oct 29 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

She added: "For me, I loved all of that because I grew up with a lot of dance and a lot of movement.

"I was always fighting my brother, so I find all of that combat stuff so exciting.

"Once you've put it on camera you've got to know how to make it look right and that's a whole different beast."— BANG 

Black Widow opens in cinemas Oct 29. 

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