Emma Thompson Says She Hasn't Stopped Boozing Since Lockdown

The Oscar-winning actress said, "I have not had a night off the booze since lockdown started."

Dame Emma Thompson has been drinking throughout lockdown.

The 61-year-old actress admitted she has been boozing as she isolates with her mother and husband Greg Wise in Scotland amid COVID-19 pandemic and says she hasn't had a night off.

She told the Daily Mail's 'Eden Confidential' column: "I have not had a night off the booze since lockdown started. My rule is that if you drink too much you feel terrible the next day. Which is not a rule, it is an observation."

Emma previously revealed that she could live without a lot of life's luxuries but she could never give up wine.

She said: "I can live without jewels and lovely clothes, I can even live without tea, but if I were to never have a glass of wine again it would be like losing part of my soul.

"I took part in a blind tasting and the room was populated with old men. I was jubilant because I picked out the most expensive wine as the one I preferred. I’m a white Burgundy girl."

Meanwhile, Emma's Last Christmas co-star Emilia Clarke previously revealed she and Emma did "a lot of drinking" during filming.

She said: "We had a lot of fun together. We also got to do a lot of drinking together... and not just in the Christmas market scene, but also in a lot of other places."— BANG

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