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Emma Corrin Explains Why She Was "Quite Scared" To Play Princess Diana In The Crown

The best way for the British actress to deal with her fears is "to put blinkers on and just do my own thing".

Emma Corrin Explains Why She Was "Quite Scared" To Play Princess Diana In The Crown

Emma Corrin was "quite scared" to play Princess Diana in 'The Crown'.

The 24-year-old actress portrays the late Princess of Wales in the new series of the Netflix show and she admits she was "very daunted" about taking on the role.

Speaking to E! News, she said: "Initially I was very daunted, very much listened to the noise, heard all the voices, and got quickly frustrated and quite scared about it and thought, 'This isn't actually giving me anything to work with. So then I very much had to put blinkers on and just do my own thing."

However, Emma — who was also in the Batman prequel series Pennyworth — managed to channel her nerves into the part and finally realised that she was just playing a version of the Princess and didn't have to be a carbon copy of the real royal.

Emma added of her role: "I realised this is a character that I'm playing. This is The Crown's version of Diana. I can bring a lot of what I want to do with this part. Everything that resonates with me. That really changed it for me. It doesn't remove the pressure and the responsibility that I feel, but it made it more manageable to do the role."

Meanwhile, Emma previously admitted she struggled with dancing scenes in The Crown.

She said: "I definitely could not dance. Diana’s love of dance was how she expressed herself emotionally, I think. There was a running joke at school that I danced like a spider because my limbs are too long. I knew jazz and tap. But it’s hard to learn ballet when you’re 24! I really held on to the fact that Diana wasn’t a professional dancer."— BANG

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