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Ed Sheeran Spent Lockdown Time Brewing Beer, Beekeeping And Gardening

Ed Sheeran gets to do a lot things on his 16-acre estate dubbed 'Sheeranville'.

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Ed Sheeran Spent Lockdown Time Brewing Beer, Beekeeping And Gardening

Ed Sheeran is brewing his own beer for his Suffolk estate.

Although the 29-year-old singer/songwriter owns the pub Bertie Blossoms in London's Notting Hill, he has branched out into making his own craft beer for friends and family to enjoy at his home boozer The Lancaster Lock, which is situated on the grounds of his compound in Suffolk, East England.

A source told The Sun Online: "Ed loves his beer — especially his real ales and craft beers.

"He's had a few kits delivered and has been having fun making his own drinks.

"They aren't too bad but he doesn't think any of the major breweries have got anything to worry about just yet."

The pub on Ed's five-property estate is connected to his house via a tunnel.

Beer brewing is not Ed's only new hobby; it was recently revealed that he has been enjoying beekeeping and gardening amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

Ed reportedly installed a beehive at his 16-acre estate — which has been dubbed 'Sheeranville' — and is said to be keen to make his own honey with the help of his bees, as part of his continued efforts to become increasingly self-sufficient.

One source said: "Ed's placed a wooden beehive at the edge of his estate.

"He's already got other produce growing and some animals so he's clearly enjoying the idea of that lifestyle."

The 'Castle on the Hill' hitmaker already keeps goats and chickens on his estate, as well as an orchard for fruit trees, and greenhouses for growing his own vegetables.

And Ed and his wife Cherry Seaborn, 28, have also reportedly been passing the time in isolation by gardening.

A source explained that Ed "spends hours out there tending all his crops". — BANG

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