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Dwayne Johnson Loves How Committed And Passionate His Fans Are

How far are you willing to go to meet the Rock?

Dwayne Johnson Loves How Committed And Passionate His Fans Are

Dwayne Johnson was very impressed when a fan stopped traffic just so he could meet him.

The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor will never forget the moment when a man stopped his truck in the middle of a road when he caught a glimpse of the former WWE superstar driving near him, and was more than happy to stop too in order to pose for a picture.

The Rock said: “Once this guy saw me as I was driving and he stopped his truck in the middle of a busy road.

“He got out and walked towards me while traffic was coming at him — but he didn't care, he just wanted a photo. That guy made my day! I will always remember him."

The Moana star — who has Jasmine, four, and Tiana, two, with wife Lauren and Simone, 19, with first wife Dany Garcia — admitted it is “really special” to have made movies for his children to enjoy with him.

Dwayne told New! magazine: “When you can watch movies you are in with your kids and they enjoy them, that's really special.

"My daughter Tiana loves to sing 'You're Welcome' with me, but she still can't connect that the voice she is singing along with is actually mine."

And Dwayne loves every aspect of fatherhood, but admitted it is tough letting his oldest daughter out into the wider world away from his “protection”.

Asked the best things about being a dad, he added: “Enjoying life with them. The happy times, the sad times, making them laugh — creating memories — I love it all.

"As a father, you feel this huge protection. When they're small you can be there all the time — as they get older you have to let them out into the world and as a dad that's hard."— BANG

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