Dwayne Johnson, John Krasinski Save Single Dad's Christmas

Dwayne Johnson and John Krasinski have come to the aid of a widowed father-of-two to save his family's Christmas.

Dwayne Johnson has come to the aid of a widowed father-of-two to save his family's Christmas.

The Rock appeared on a special Christmas special of John Krasinski’s Some Good News to surprise one of his biggest fans, Jay Abel, who had been selling some of his comic memorabilia to raise money to give his children a good Christmas.

In the original tweet, Jay asked Dwayne to retweet his post in the hope of gaining more interest in his memorabilia sales.

He wrote: "@TheRock Hi Rock! I'm like your biggest fan! So I could use your help please. I'm trying to raise some money to be able to provide my children with a Christmas this year. If it's not to much to ask, Would you please consider retweeting this please. Thank U (sic)"

John revealed he tried to buy some of the collectibles from Jay's eBay store, but Jay blocked his transaction thinking that John was a "scammer".  That's when John reached out to his friend Dwanta Claus, aka Dwayne Johnson.

"Your tweet really moved me," Dwayne said. "Of all the things you could've asked me… the only thing you wanted was a retweet. I thought Dwanta Claus can do better than a retweet."

He told Jay to take all his memorabilia off eBay because he would take care of his kids' Christmas list. 

Dwayne said: "I also want your kids to know what kind of father they have. So, I hear that you like comics … when this whole thing is done and when it’s safe, I want you to come down to Southern California and I want you to visit us at the DC Universe and we’ll show you around, give you a whole bunch of cool DC swag. 

"But! It ain’t done there, either. I’ve got to tell you, you deserve it all, man. Your story is an inspiration. You are an inspiration, not only to myself, to Dwanta Claus, but certainly to John, certainly to everybody who hears your story. You inspire so many people because the truth is you represent so many parents around the world who are going through the struggle this Christmas."

Dwayne also let Jay know that once filming is wrapped on Black Adam, he'll sign the script and gift it to him.

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