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Dave Bautista Has "High Hopes" Starring in A Rom-Com: "Am I That Unattractive?"

Dave Bautista isn't going to let his looks stop him from searching for a rom-com role.

Dave Bautista Has "High Hopes" Starring in A Rom-Com: "Am I That Unattractive?"

Dave Bautista would love to star in a rom-com but thinks he might be too "unattractive".

Despite not feeling like he's a "typical rom-com lead", the wrestler-turned-actor still has "high hopes" that one day he'll be cast in the part.

Speaking to Page Six, Bautista, 54, said: “I know I’m not your typical rom-com lead.

“I’m a little rough around the edges. But I always, you know, I look in the mirror and I say, I ask myself, ‘Am I that unattractive? Is there something that unappealing about me that excludes me from these parts?'

“I don’t know. It’s just never come my way. I’ve never had an offer to do a rom-com. I still have high hopes. I’ll just keep searching.”

A role he has ruled out of is playing Bane in the DC universe.

Bautista previously admitted his desire to take on the role, and fans thought the opportunity could well arise after his Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took charge of DC Studios last November. But now, he thought Bane should be portrayed by a "younger and fresher" actor. 

He told Insider: "I have had conversations with James about that but I think the direction he's leaning in, completely rebooting that whole universe, he's starting from scratch and starting younger and fresher and I think you need to do that."

Bautista insists he "understands" the need for a younger face to portray the character, and doesn't believe he would "bring justice" to the role at this point in his career.

He added to Insider: "I think for the DC Universe to be revived, you need to start from scratch, and I think you need to start with younger actors.

"You need to start to plan for the next 15 years, and I just don't think you can do that with me. And I understand that. And, also, I have to say that I appreciate that because I don't want to play a character that I can't bring justice to it.

"I don't think at this point in my career that I can bring justice to Bane anymore. I just don't know if I could handle the physical part, and I don't think I would have the longevity to plan ahead for films. So, I just don't know if I'd be that guy."

Bautista's latest Knock at the Cabin opens in Singapore cinemas on Feb 16, while Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 premieres on May 4. 


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