Daniel Craig Wasn't Allowed To Drive In No Time To Die

But it was okay for him to do the 'doughnut'.

Daniel Craig was banned from driving in No Time to Die over safety fears.

The 51-year-old actor is set for his final outing as James Bond in the forthcoming film, but he wasn't allowed to take the wheel of the suave spy's iconic Aston Martin DB5 this time around.

He said: "You know we fake it, don't you? We're not allowed to do that any more, although I do go driving."

Some scenes may appear that Daniel is driving, but they will actually feature stationary motors.

But he did manage to "doughnut"— which involves spinning the car around in a tight, circular motion - the famous vehicle.

He added to Top Gear Magazine: "I was allowed to doughnut the DB5 in Matera, which was great."

With Craig out of the driving seat, it was left to his stunt driver Mark Higgins to take the wheel, and he said the 007 star was "really chilled" on the set of No Time to Die.

He told Esquire magazine: "He's great. He was really chilled on this one. It was my fourth film with him and he's been great to work with. I'm really sad to see him go to be honest.

"In my eyes he's probably the best Bond. And yeah, he enjoys driving when he can and when he's not doing his other stuff. He's a fantastic actor so thankfully he lets me do the driving and I let him do the acting so we've got a bit of a deal."

And while Daniel himself didn't do any filmed driving, Higgins admitted everything he did in the upcoming Bond movie was "for real".

He added: "Everything we've done is for real. I think a lot of these films are going away from CGI and trying to make it as real as possible.

"The environment we were driving in was very, very restricted and very, very tight. So it's a difficult place to work in.

"To try to do that in the original car, you've got reliability and repeatability factors to look into — if the car will do it every time. And that's why went for a newer car."— BANG

No Time to Die opens in cinemas Apr 9.

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