Daniel Craig gets through 20 suits in a single action scene as  James Bond.

The 53-year-old actor, who is set to portray 007 for the final time in No Time To Die, which is finally set for release this month after numerous delays, reveals that he burns through Bond's famous suits when filming stunts.

Speaking on the new episode of No Time To Die: The Official James Bond Podcast, Daniel revealed: "If I have a suit that's involved in an action sequence, I need 20 or 25 of them. (Fun fact: In Skyfall, costume designers revealed that they created 30 suits for Daniel and another for stunts.) 

Elsewhere, Billie Eilish, who wrote and performed the No Time to Die theme song, shared that she looked back at the opening scenes of previous movies featuring Craig's Bond, with a particular focus on Skyfall, for inspiration.

The 19-year-old music star said: "I've been watching the opening scene from Skyfall for years. Oh my God, it's so good.

"When we were making this song, we kept watching that one over and over again.

"We watched all the Daniel Craig movies from when we were told about the gig when we recorded it, because we wanted to get it back fresh in our brains."

Meanwhile, Phoebe Waller-Bridge — who has helped to write the screenplay for No Time To Die — believes there is extra pressure on the film's female stars, such as Naomie Harris and Lea Seydoux, as they need to be both sexy and smart.

The Fleabag creator said: "I think there's pressure on Bond girls, a different pressure now, because they have to deliver everything we loved about Bond girls before but they also have to have this integrity."

Phoebe believes that the female cast members have "nailed" their roles and will delight fans of the spy franchise.

She said: "They look gorgeous, are brilliant at the action and deliver their lines with as much class and smarts as all the other characters."

No Time to Die opens in Singapore cinemas on Sept 30. — BANG SHOWBIZ