Daniel Craig Maintains His James Bond Bod With Kimchi, Turmeric & Black Coffee For Breakfast

Daniel Craig trained for a year before filming started on 'No Time to Die'.

Daniel Craig used to eat kimchi for breakfast every day.

The 52-year-old actor started working on his bulging biceps and chiseled abs for No Time To Die — his fifth and final outing as James Bond — a year before filming the movie, and did so by stuffing his face with salted and fermented vegetables in the mornings followed by a shot of turmeric and lemon and ginger.

Speaking to The Times, Craig's personal trainer Simon Waterson said: "Daniel started the day with rye bread, poached eggs, avocado and kimchi, maybe some kale. And turmeric shots. Then it's lemon and ginger shots and off to work we go. Oh and, you know, a coffee."

Although his breakfast always stayed the same, Craig would follow a plant-based diet on Mondays, go pescatarian on Tuesdays, weave in some white meat on Wednesdays, go vegetarian on Thursdays, and tuck into red meat on Fridays.

The hunk also did a 30-minute high intensity interval training session involving reverse lunges and mountain climbers.

Waterson explained: "If I can add three components into one movement, I bring down the time. What would normally take two hours? Done in 30 minutes."

Waterson has been working with Craig since 2005 and has admitted he was the person who encouraged him to give up smoking all those years ago.

He said: "I knocked on his door and he said, 'Ah, trainer?' I said yes. And he said..."No?" And I said, 'Make it your last!' "

He's also not a very big drinker when it comes to alcohol as it's not really "on the cards for a professional like Daniel" but he did like to enjoy a beer on his days off. — BANG


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