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Chrissy Teigen’s Squid Game Party Draws Mixed Reactions; Some Say It’s “Tone-Deaf”, Others Think “It’s So Much Fun”

Chrissy Teigen really, really loves the Netflix show. Perhaps a little too much.

Chrissy Teigen’s Squid Game Party Draws Mixed Reactions; Some Say It’s “Tone-Deaf”, Others Think “It’s So Much Fun”

Chrissy Teigen has incurred the wrath of the netizens. Again.

Just months after being embroiled in a cyberbullying scandal (involving Project Runway contestant Michael Costello and model Courtney Stodden), the Lip Sync Battle is host is mired in another, this time for throwing a lavish Squid Game-themed party over the weekend.

Teigen, 35, has posted on Instagram pictures from the elaborate bash inspired by the hit Korean Netflix show about debt-ridden folks forced to compete in assorted life-or-death versions of childhood games for money.

“Where do I even begin!!!,” Teigen wrote in the caption. “What an absolutely epic night. My dream came true of watching my friends fight to the death!.”

Snapshots shared show Teigen dressed up as the creepy doll while her husband, John Legend, 42, donned a mask and bathrobe as one of the wealthy VIPs, with guests — including Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell and Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson — clad in the show’s signature green tracksuits, playing games like dunk tank, musical chairs, hide and seek, and “a very riveting final game of pin the tail on the donkey”.

Instead of the ₩45.6 billion (S$52.3 mil) — the grand prize in the show — the winner in Teigen’s more benign version walked away with prizes including air tickets to Napa Valley, California, and dinner-for-two at three-Michelin-starred The French Laundry.
According to
People, Teigen’s mansion was transformed into Squid Game set — which came replete with a maze staircase, bunk beds and large piggy banks stuffed with cash — by party planners Wife of the Party.

At time of this writing, the pictures have been gathered more than 413,800 likes since Monday.

While the Squid Game makeover was very impressive, it didn’t win brownie points with some Netizens, who thought Teigen’s exorbitant celebration went against the show’s critique of capitalism. One user blasted, “This is so beyond tone-deaf as a millionaire to invite your rich friends over and reenact squid games which is rooted in the violence of capitalism.” Another added, “I…think you missed the point of the show.”

No celebs were killed at this party: Shay Mitchell ('Pretty Little Liars') and Jesse Tyler Ferguson ('Modern Family') were among the guests — dressed in the iconic tracksuits — at Chrissy Teigen's 'Squid Game' party.

But there were others who thought those offended by the extravagance should just take a chill pill. “Like why can people just have fun playing games from a show they like,” one defender explained. “I would do the exact same thing. Plus many people who are not rich have also done the same. I’ve seen many green light-red right paintball games. It all just looks like so much fun. Even if I do hate how f*** up the premise of the show is. [It’s] not like she is actually killing people.”

Another added, “I don’t care if someone has a party that is based upon a fictional TV show. Star Wars also has a deep meaning about politics and right-wing rule… but folks still dress up as Darth [Vader] for Halloween.”

True that. In Singapore, there’s an even Squid Game-themed staycation launched by travel and experiences booking platform KKday and Goodwood Park Hotel. For all we know, Teigen could’ve gotten the idea after reading about it. (Hey, you never know.)

Maybe the backlash could’ve been avoided if Teigen made one little tweak to her party. “Everyone is coming down on them for this, but it wouldn’t be so bad if maybe they donated a fat check to the charity of the winner’s choice,” one follower commented. “But instead they send their also rich friends to Napa? Like they need that…”

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos, Shay Mitchell/Instagram

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