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Chris Noth Reportedly Removed From Fantasy Sequence in And Just Like That…Season Finale

Mr Big was reportedly slated to reappear in a fantasy sequence in the Feb 3 finale. Well, not anymore.

Chris Noth Reportedly Removed From Fantasy Sequence in And Just Like That…Season Finale

Mr Big is gone for good. Yes, he kicked the bucket in the first episode of the Sex and the City spin-off series And Just Like That… and now he can’t even return from the afterlife for a fantasy sequence.

TV Line reported that Chris Noth — whose character, Mr Big, died from a heart attack from exercising on a Peloton — has been removed from the series’ upcoming finale on Feb 3. Word has it that North was set to appear in the finale during a fantasy sequence where Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie reunites with Big while visiting Paris’ Pont des Arts bridge to scatter his ashes.

According to TV Line, the creative team behind And Just Like That… felt that the footage of Noth meant for the finale was not narratively significant enough to justify keeping it in the final cut. (That’s a polite way of saying: the show can go on without Noth.) Hollywood Reporter added that Noth didn’t shoot any scenes for the other episodes.

The decision to scrub Noth isn’t surprising. He’s is declared persona non grata after multiple women had accused him of sexual assault, charges the 67-year-old actor has denied. Amid the allegations, Noth was dropped by his representation and fired from his series regular gig on The Equalizer. A Peloton ad — produced by Ryan Reynolds — featuring Noth was also quickly scrapped after news of the scandal broke.

Shortly after allegations against Noth went public, Parker, in a Dec 30 statement signed by herself and co-stars Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) and Kristin Davis (Charlotte) said, “We support the women who have come forward and shared their painful experiences We know it must be a very difficult thing to do and we commend them for it.” All three actresses also served as executive producers on the show.

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