Chris Martin swears by meditation and naps.

The 44-year-old Coldplay frontman claims he barely sleeps at night but makes sure to take naps during the day, which he was advised to do by MMA fighter Conor McGregor's trainer.

Speaking to Rob Brydon on his Brydon & podcast, Chris said: "I don’t sleep very much in the nighttime. I meditate and also I occasionally take a nap. I was encouraged on that by kickboxer Conor McGregor’s trainer.

"After we played in Dublin last time, I went to train in a gym and he said the key to life is making yourself lie down for 15 minutes and close your eyes in the afternoon."

He added: “I really like being awake. And I also think that songs tend to be flying around between about midnight and two — I often get inspired. If that happens I can’t wait to get back up again.”

On the show, the Grammy-winning singer also revealed he has given up dairy for the sake of his health.

He said: “I don’t f*** with dairy anymore. What’s funny when you’re trying to stay really healthy, there’s still a voice inside you that says, ‘Yeah, but . . .’

“And my ‘Yeah, but’ voice is about [dairy] because I grew up in Devon, where you basically washed in it.

“So there’s still a part of me that — despite my body feeling better, and I’m singing better — I would throw it all away for four Weetabix and double cream. And I will have to do that at some point.

“When we first went to America I was wondering why we were getting sick all the time and was wondering it while holding 12 strawberry milkshakes.

“I did milk a goat the other day, but I didn’t partake.” — BANG SHOWBIZ

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos