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Chris Evans Reportedly In Talks To Return As Captain America In “At Least One Marvel Property”

It won’t be a full-on ‘Captain America’ adventure, though. But it’s still good news.

Chris Evans Reportedly In Talks To Return As Captain America In “At Least One Marvel Property”

Chris Evans is reportedly getting ready for another run as Captain America.

Details are vague (what a surprise) but Deadline reported that Evans might reprise Steve Rogers aka Captain America in “at least one Marvel property, with the door open for a second film”.

The source added that it’s unlikely to be a Captain America sequel but a supporting role a la Robert Downey Jr in Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. All in all, Evan appeared in four MCU movies as well as cameos in Thor: Dark World and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Shortly after Deadline's report published, Evans, 39, tweeted: “News to me.”

News of Evans’ rumoured return came at a time when Marvel Studios is busy promoting its first Disney+ series WandaVision, starring Elisabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, reprising their roles of Vision and Wanda Maximoff. We suspect someone might have accidentally let the cat out of the bag during the publicity trail. Or, this could be just talk to drum up support for WandaVision.

Even if this is true, how will Steve Rogers fit in the post-Avengers: Endgame MCU? As seen in that movie’s final moment, Rogers became Joe Biden and handed his shield over to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson/Falcon. We’re sure the Marvel brain trust will figure out a way to slot him in any number of Disney+ projects in the works.

Meanwhile, Evans isn’t too far away from MCU, ish: He will be reuniting with his Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo on The Gray Man, the highly-anticipated Netflix action thriller where he team up with Ryan Gosling.

Evans will also be voicing Buzz Lightyear in Pixar’s Lightyear in 2022. “I don’t even have the words,” He tweeted shortly after the movie was announced at Disney Investors Day presentation. “And just to be clear, this isn’t Buzz Lightyear the toy. This is the origin story of the human Buzz Lightyear that the toy is based on.”

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