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Charlize Theron Has Tom Hardy's Self-Portrait Hanging In Her Office

Tom Hardy gave his 'Mad Max: Fury Road' co-star his self-portrait after filming ended.

Charlize Theron Has Tom Hardy's Self-Portrait Hanging In Her Office

Tom Hardy gave Charlize Theron a painting of himself.

The two stars famously didn’t get along while shooting 2015 movie Mad Max: Fury Road so it took the Bombshell actress a long time before she hung the artwork as she didn’t fully understand their relationship.

Speaking to Empire magazine, the Oscar-winning actress said: “When shooting ended, Tom gave me this self-portrait he'd done — a modern interpretation of him as Max. I didn't hang it up for many years because I hadn't fully processed our relationship.

“But now I can see we were both so f***ing scared making that movie and my heart is filed with nothing but empathy and love for him because our experience was one of complete madness. So today, the painting is up in my office."

Early in her career, Charlize worked with Tom Hanks on That Thing You Do and not only are they still in touch, the League of their Own star has sent her typewriters from his famous collection.

She said: “I just wrote him a letter actually. He collects typewriters and he set me one when I won [the Best Actress Oscar] for Monster.

“And this year, when I was nominated for Bombshell he sent me another with a note about how he loved my performance. He's the kindest human. So, I wrote him a letter back on the typewriter. I'm a terrible typist, so it literally took me seven days. Tapping away with one finger."

Though the 44-year-old star had one movie under her belt when she met Hanks, the actor joked he planned to take credit for her success.

Theron said: “I'd actually done a movie before that called 2 Days in the Valley but it wasn't out when Tom cast me. So, he thought he'd discovered me.

“I'd tell him on set, 'I did a movie before this' and he'd be like, 'Nope, no you didn't, I found you.'

“When we finished shooting, I got him to sign my script and he wrote, 'No matter what, I will always claim to have discovered you.' "— BANG

Photos: TPG News/Click Photos

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