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Charlie Hunnam Once Ran Naked Through A Forest To Escape A Wasp Attack

He had to run away naked after disturbing a nest of wasps during a camping trip.

Charlie Hunnam Once Ran Naked Through A Forest To Escape A Wasp Attack

Charlie Hunnam got stung in the "undercarriage" by a nest of wasps.

The Gentlemen actor was wandering around while on a camping trip when he suddenly felt a surge of "shrill pain" in his nether regions and realised he'd been attacked by some "very aggressive" insects and had to shed his clothes and flee.

Asked when he was last naked outdoors, he told Empire magazine: "Definitely while camping. I go camping a lot.

"Recently, I was camping and collecting firewood, crouched down, and all of a sudden I got this shrill pain on the perineum which is, you know, a sweet piece of real estate, the undercarriage.

"I realised I'd kicked over a yellow jacket nest. Yellow jackets are these large, very aggressive wasps that you get in North America. And they were just slamming me.

"I realised they were crawling all over my clothes, so I pulled my clothes off, put my sneakers back on and was sprinting away."

Hunnam found the incident particularly bizarre as it echoed a dream he'd frequently had.

He added: "And in that moment, I realised I was inside this recurring nightmare that I'd had for like, 20 years - sprinting for my life, naked, through a forest.

"I didn't have any context in the dream, but I had that dream literally about 50 times. It's weird. I guess it was prophetic in a way.

"And I haven't had that dream again."

The 39-year-old star also admitted he sometimes "manscapes" his genitals, even though he isn't particularly hairy.

He said: "There's arse cheeks. Mine are not hairy at all. And then obviously there's the central canal.

"I would say moderate to light. I'm just not a very hairy person in general.

"It depends if there's, y'know, a big event coming. Maybe no hair at all, even in the central canal.

"Sometimes it's nice to have a little manscape down there." — BANG

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