Charlie Hunnam Had COVID-19 "Earlier This Year", Thinks He Has It Again

Charlie Hunnam said he contracted the virus earlier this year and lost his sense of taste and smell for about 10 days.

Charlie Hunnam had coronavirus “earlier this year”, and thinks he might have it again.

The Sons of Anarchy star recently revealed he battled the virus at the beginning of the year, and is now concerned he might have caught it again, because he’s experiencing symptoms including a “persistent fever” and a “dry cough”.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, he explained: "I'm not sure what I have. I have a little bit of a persistent fever, a dry cough, a little bit of fatigue, so it could be COVID.”

Charlie, 40, then admitted he’s already taken a test which came back negative, and added: "So I could be unfairly jumping to conclusions. But it feels consistent.”

The actor also explained that his current illness is nothing like the bought of coronavirus he had before, because last time he didn’t experience any major symptoms except for the loss of taste and smell.

He said, "It didn’t feel like this. I just lost my sense of taste and smell for about 10 days and had a little bit of fatigue. This feels very, very different. This feels much more like flu.”

Charlie’s battle with COVID-19 comes after he opened up earlier this year about a nasty run-in he had with an angry nest of wasps.

The Gentleman actor was wandering around while on a camping trip when he suddenly felt a surge of "shrill pain" in his nether regions and realised he'd been attacked by some "very aggressive" insects and had to shed his clothes and flee.

Opening up on the last time he was naked outdoors, he said: "Definitely while camping. I go camping a lot.

"Recently, I was camping and collecting firewood, crouched down, and all of a sudden I got this shrill pain on the perineum which is, you know, a sweet piece of real estate, the undercarriage.

"I realised I'd kicked over a yellow jacket nest. Yellow jackets are these large, very aggressive wasps that you get in North America. And they were just slamming me.

"I realised they were crawling all over my clothes, so I pulled my clothes off, put my sneakers back on and was sprinting away."— BANG


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