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Cat With Moustache Resembling Freddie Mercury Goes Viral

Mostaccioli the cat will rock you with his moustache.

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Cat With Moustache Resembling Freddie Mercury Goes Viral

A cat who looks like Freddie Mercury has gone viral.

Mostaccioli — who can be seen on her own Instagram account @izanami.and.mostaccioli — has taken the internet by storm by closely resembling the late Queen frontman.

The kitty — who has a moustache just like the ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ singer — is owned by Natalie, a California resident, who found her along with her mother and her three newborn brothers as strays and raised the feline back to full strength.

A social media user wrote underneath a snap: “If Freddie Mercury was a cat.”

Another quipped: “Freddie Mercury? I thought he was dead.”

A further comment read: "She genuinely looks like Freddie Mercury."

So far Mostaccioli the cat has over 8,000 followers on Instagram.


Photos: Mostaccioli/Instagram, Office Queen Music/Instagram

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