Brad Pitt Didn't Need Quentin Tarantino To Tell Him How To Take Off His Shirt In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino says it was Brad Pitt's idea to rip off his shirt in 'Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood', despite admitting the actor is "shy" at these types of things.

Quentin Tarantino says it was Brad Pitt's idea to rip off his shirt in Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood.

The filmmaker revealed it was actually the 56-year-old actor's idea to strip both shirts off at the same time in the scene where Pitt's character, stuntman Cliff Booth, fixes the antenna on the house of Hollywood heartthrob Rick Dalton, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Speaking on the new season of Amy Schumer's podcast 3 Girls, 1 Keith, he said: "It was funny because actually in public Brad is kind of shy about things like that. At the same time, he knows exactly what time it is. He suggested, 'Maybe you unbutton the Hawaiian shirt, and you peel that off, and then peel off the Champion T-shirt.' 

"He was like, "Really? You want me to go through all that button bulls**t? I'll just take it off in one big go!' Let the master do his job! Even when you see him in the work shed and the way he puts on the leather gloves and puts the wire in his mouth all butch and macho. He just knows what time it is."

Listen to QT’s full appearance on Schumer’s podcast here. — BANG


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