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Brad Pitt Makes Debut As Sculptor In Finland Art Gallery

Brad Pitt has unveiled a series of sculptures at an exhibition in Finland's Sara Hildén Art Museum


Brad Pitt Makes Debut As Sculptor In Finland Art Gallery

Brad Pitt has made a surprise debut as an artist.

The Bullet Train actor unveiled a number of sculptures at the Sara Hildén Art Museum in Tampere, Finland, over the weekend as part of a larger exhibition by British artist Thomas Houseago, who also features a ceramic series by Australian singer Nick Cave.

Pitt, 58, told Finnish broadcaster Yle: “For Nick and I this is a new world and our first entry. It just feels right."

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star explained the nine works he has in the exhibition — including a series of house-shaped silicone sculptures that have each been shot with different ammunition and a moulded plaster panel "depicting a gunfight" — are about "self-reflection" and "taking account" of the wrong decisions he's made in his life.

He said: “To me, it’s about self-reflection. It’s about where I have gotten it wrong in my relationships, where have I misstepped, where am I complicit.

"For me, it was born out of ownership of what I call a radical inventory of self, getting really brutally honest with me and taking account of those I may have hurt, moments I have just gotten wrong.”

Meanwhile, Nick's exhibition, The Devil: A Live, depicts "the life of Satan in 17 stations, from innocence through experience into a confrontation of our mortality."

The glazed ceramic figurines stand between six and 19.5 inches high and were hand-crafted, painted and glazed by the musician in England between 2020 and 2022.

Both Pitt and Cave created their works in dialogue with Houseago, who has showcased a number of paintings alongside new sculptures made from redwood and plaster in the exhibition.
Speaking of his decision to team up with Brad and Nick, Houseago said in a statement: "I am not an I. I'm a WE!" 


Photo: TPG News/Click Photos

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