Bling Empire’s Christine Chiu Says She Has Not Spoken To In-Laws Since The Show's Launch

The socialite also doesn't like how her rivalry with heiress Anna Shay is depicted.

Bling Empire star Christine Chiu doesn’t want her in-laws to see her hit Netflix docu-soap.

Speaking to Us Weekly, the 38-year-old socialite said, “I am very nervous. I don’t know if they’ve watched it. I’m hoping they don’t have Netflix, but who doesn’t have Netflix, right?”

Perhaps she is worried about the things said about her in-laws on the show. 

In one episode, Christine opened up about being shamed by her plastic surgeon husband Gabriel Chiu’s family when she had trouble conceiving a child.

christine   gabriel
We need to talk: Christine has a heart-to-heart chat with her husband Gabriel. 

In actual fact, it was Gabriel, 53, who was unable to have children but Christine shouldered the blame so that her in-laws won’t be upset with him. 

The couture collector added that she has “not talked to them" since the show’s premiered on Jan 15.

Elsewhere, Christine has some misgivings about how she is portrayed on-screen.

“I think the show really just showed one aspect of who I am. I think it really highlighted one slice of my personality, one slice of my life,” she said. “So, I would really love an opportunity to be able to show additional parts of my life, additional facets and layers.”

In retrospect, she wished she could have dialled down her rivalry with heiress Anna Shay.  

christine   anna
Face-off: Christine and her frenemy Anna Shay. 

“Watching back some of those scenes with Anna [Shay] was a little difficult because it’s never my intention to offend anyone or to cause tension or to hurt someone’s feelings,” Christine said. “I can see that in some of the things that transpired, it could be misunderstood as that. … I regret hurting anyone’s feelings.”

Bling Empire is now streaming on Netflix.

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