Australian Scientists Name New Fly Species After Marvel Superheroes, Stan Lee

There's one called 'Daptolestes bronteflavus',

Australian scientists have named new insect species after Marvel characters.

Government researchers have paid tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes by naming flies after Thor, Deadpool, and the late creative genius Stan Lee.

The Thor fly is named in homage to the God of Thunder, played by Chris Hemsworth. It's scientific name is 'Daptolestes bronteflavus', which translates from Latin to 'blond thunder'.

The Deadpool fly is coloured red and black, similar to the suit of Ryan Reynolds' wise-cracking hero.

The CSIRO agency have named all the insects and described it as "an important superpower in solving many of the world's challenges".

Entomologist Dr. Bryan Lessard explains to only a quarter of insects in Australia are known to scientists and added that we can "understand their superpowers" if they are named.— BANG


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