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Andy Cohen Slams James Corden For Ripping Off His Watch What Happens Live Set

First, Ricky Gervais. And now Andy Cohen? Dude, what's going on?
Andy Cohen Slams James Corden For Ripping Off His Watch What Happens Live Set

Andy Cohen has a bone to pick with James Corden. 

Appearing on the Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi podcast, Cohen, 54, claimed that Corden's Late Late Show took inspiration from his Watch What Happens Live set. 

During their chat, Cohen said he felt he wasn't as respected as the other late-night talk show hosts. 

“I don’t totally feel part of the group,” said Cohen. “I’ve been in late-night TV for 13 years. ...There was a big photoshoot that Vanity Fair did of all of the late-night talk show hosts, and they left me out of it, but they added James Corden, who wasn't even on the air yet." 

Cohen was referring to the October 2015 issue of Vanity Fair which looked at the hosts making waves on the late-night talk show circuit. (FYI: Corden's run of The Late Late Show premiered on March 23, 2015.) 

Cohen had a few theories on why he was excluded from the shoot. (FYI: To be fair, Samantha Bee also took issue with the Vanity Fair feature, but for a different reason.)

“I’m not a comedian,” Cohen told Bozzi. “I think [Watch What Happens Live] is a different kind of talk show. And I think there’s been a traditional idea of what a late-night talk show is. I would argue that Watch What Happens Live redefined what the late-night talk show is.”

“I mean What Happens Live was the first bar on late night, [then] James Corden got a bar. James Corden wound up kind of…” Cohen continued before Bozzi finished his sentence by adding, “Ripping off your set.”

“There you go,” Cohen said.

“So, it is what it is,” he continued. “And that used to be stuff that I was really hypersensitive about. And frankly, I just feel so grateful now — and I’m not blowing smoke and being bullshit — I’m so glad we’re still going that it’s like, ‘Great, copy my set. Go with God. Inshallah.’”

This isn't the first time Corden, 44, has been accused of stealing someone's else idea. In November, Corden apologised to Ricky Gervais for "inadvertently" using The Officer co-creator's Elon Musk joke almost word-for-word on The Late Late Show

Listen to Cohen's interview on Table for Two here: 


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