Rich Paul got Adele on a date by saying it was a "business meeting".

The 33-year-old singer finally opened up about how she met her beau during a one-on-one interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired during the 'Hello' hitmaker's TV special One Night Only' on Sunday (Nov 14). 

Adele — whose nine-year-old son Angelo, whom she has with ex-husband Simon Konecki, was in the audience for the concert special filmed at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles — gushed how "hilarious and very smart" her sporting agent boyfriend is and recalled their first proper date came "a couple of years" after they first met at a birthday party.

She spilled to Oprah: "Yeah, he's just hilarious. Oh, he's so funny. Yeah, and very smart.

"And I met him and then a couple of years later, we went out for dinner, which he says was a business meeting."

She laughed at his bid to woo her: "I'm like, a business meeting about what? We wouldn't be having a meeting about business."

The Grammy winner continued: "And then it was just the first time we'd hung out only on our own, and not with other friends and stuff like that. So that was a very natural way. I think that's how people would normally meet each other, like, in real life."

Adele went through a heartbreaking split from her ex-spouse in 2019, and admitted she feels "so secure" in herself now, and wonders what she will be like if she ever gets hurt again.

When quizzed by Oprah on whether Rich gets "a different version" of Adele, she replied: "Yeah, but I mean, by arriving and turning up.

"You know, maybe I'm getting a different version of him and who knows? It's just, it's just timing. It's just timing, but it'll be interesting to see what my reaction is like in general to anything that hurts me now that I feel so secure in myself."

Elsewhere, the 'Rolling In The Deep' singer spoke about her new song 'Love Is A Game' and addressed whether she'll be able to pen new music now she is happy in her love life.

Adele, who releases her heartbreak album 30 this Friday (Nov 19), said: "Well, I hope so. I hope so, you know.

"Yeah, I think so because I don't, I don't, um, I don't treat it like a game anymore. You know, that thing of like, you're gonna hurt me so I'm gonna hurt you first. I certainly, I'm not like that anymore." 

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 Photo: Rich Paul/Instagram