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Zhou Xun once lied that she fractured her arm

The actress had been cut out of the annual Lunar New Year countdown show 20 years ago

Zhou Xun once lied that she fractured her arm

As one of China’s A-list actresses, there are times when people forget that Zhou Xun had a rocky road to the top.

One netizen, however, has yet to forget as he brought up an anecdote shared by a director. According to the director, back in 1999, Zhou Xun had just entered the entertainment industry and had gone to a bar with her friends. Among them was a music director for CCTV’s New Year’s Gala, one of the most widely watched Chinese New Year countdown programmes.

At that time, the music director was auditioning female actresses for the show and Zhou Xun was asked to join as well. She agreed and added that she knew a very good stylist who could help her on that day.

However, when it came to the night of the big show, there was no sight of Zhou Xun in the televised broadcast. It was only when the director met with the actress again that she revealed that her stylist had accidentally dyed her hair light purple. As a result, the casting director had immediately rejected Zhou Xun for the show.

As the actress had a cast on her arm at that time, the director then asked if Zhou Xun’s arm was alright, to which she laughed and replied, “It's nothing much, I was afraid of being embarrassed (after being cut from the show), so I told every one that I had a fracture instead.”

The post was well-received by netizens, many of whom laughed at Zhou Xun’s mishap, calling it a “cute mistake”.

Photos: PBE Media

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