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Zhang Tian Ai Posts Audio Clip Of Ex-Boyfriend Chinese Actor Xu Kaicheng Admitting To Cheating On Her When He Was Drunk

His infidelity was why he never wanted to go public with their relationship.

Zhang Tian Ai Posts Audio Clip Of Ex-Boyfriend Chinese Actor Xu Kaicheng Admitting To Cheating On Her When He Was Drunk

Chinese actress Zhang Tian Ai, 33, dropped a massive bombshell on social media yesterday (Aug 25), accusing her now ex-boyfriend, actor Xu Kaicheng, 32, of cheating on her. 

Xu Kaicheng shot to fame after starring in 2019 drama Well-Intended Love (奈何BOSS要娶我) and his profile was raised further when he was rumoured to be dating Tian Ai.

Though the couple never went public with their relationship, when Tian Ai participated in
Sisters Who Make Waves earlier this year, Kaicheng posted a message on social media to cheer her on. 

However, Kaicheng was recently photographed by Chinese paparazzi visiting actress Gulinazha’s house on several occasions, including on Qixi Festival (Aug 4), which is known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. 

As such, rumours quickly spread that Tian Ai and Kaicheng have broken up.

Xu Kaicheng and Gulinazha were co-stars in the drama Got A Crush On You

Netizens also started speculating that Kaicheng had cheated on Tian Ai. It didn't help that Tian Ai's manager had reposted an article titled “10 common attributes of scumbags”, along with this caption: “Ladies, please wipe your eyes clean this summer.” 

Then came Tian Ai's post, which basically echoed what her manager had written. She also attached a sound clip to her post, which was a recording of her phone call with Kaicheng. 

In the clip, Kaicheng admitted to having sex with a woman  while drunk at a friend’s house. He said he felt terrible about what he did and grovelled for Tian Ai to forgive him. 

Tian Ai then asked him: “So the thing that’s torturing you is this? It has nothing to do with a contract that prohibits you from announcing [our] relationship?” 

Kaicheng then admitted that he was unwilling to go public with their relationship because he was scared that news of him being unfaithful would leak.

He was heard blaming himself and saying things such as “I can’t accept this [version of] myself”, “I think I’m too weak” and “I really hate myself”. 

An annoyed Tian Ai then told Kaicheng that the news was too much of a shock for her and she needed time to calm down and gather her thoughts. 

Kaicheng could then be heard begging Tian Ai to return to him. “Please come back! I live in misery everyday and I blame myself!” he cried, while proclaiming that the actress is the “right one” for him.

The recording can be found on Crystal's Weibo page along with an audio transcript of the convo. The words here say "I drank too much".

Half an hour after the clip was posted, Gulinazha also took to Weibo to address the allegations from netizens that she was the other woman.

She wrote: “[I] am not a third party. I was not one before, I am not one now, and I will never be! Regarding the news of your cheating, I never dared to believe that you are a liar! This recording allowed me to see you for who you truly are!”

Netizens were quick to back Crystal up in the situation

Netizens have crucified Kaicheng for his actions. 

“Men who don’t love themselves are like rotten vegetables”, “Does he think he’s being very sentimental” and “[People] who are really drunk don’t engage in sexual behaviours, he’s so good at finding excuses for himself” were just some of the comments on Tian Ai's post. 

One netizen also wrote: “It’s 2022, are there still people using being drunk as an excuse for their infidelity?”

Xu Kaicheng's apology

Kaicheng has since posted an apology to his Weibo.

In the post, he listed the details of the breakup between him and Tian Ai and apologised for "neglecting" her feelings, which resulted in a "misunderstanding". 

He also extended his apology to Gulinazha for implicating her in the matter. He then expressed his regret at disappointing his fans, promising to take time to "reflect", so he wouldn't hurt more "innocent parties". 

Kaicheng is now one of the most-searched names on Chinese social media sites, with many of his fans saying that they can't bring themselves to support him anymore. 

Photos: Chinapress, 163.com, Xu Kaicheng/ Weibo



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