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5566 Member Zax Wang’s 15-Year-Old Daughter Just Graduated From High School

How time flies.


The daughter of 5566 member Zax Wang, 41, and Taiwanese actress Ji Qin, 46, daughter is growing up fast. 

15-year-old Le Le recently graduated from high school and like any proud mama, Ji Qin couldn’t help but take to social media to share her milestone.

“My baby has graduated!" she posted on Instagram, along with pics of Le Le posing in her graduation gown and throwing her mortarboard in the air.

“The next time you toss your mortarboard will be when you truly spread your wings. Jia you!”

Ji Qin also got a little emo saying: “I will miss you. I think I will inevitably burst into tears. But regardless of how much we miss you, we will be your pillar, supporting all your decisions. Mum and dad love you!”

Netizens flooded the comment section with congratulatory messages and also showered praises on Le Le, gushing about how she is “getting prettier” and starting to look like her mum.

There were also netizens who could not believe how old she is now.

“Oh my, how time flies. I can still remember when Zax first announced Le Le’s birth at a media conference. In the blink of an eye, she has graduated from high school,” said one netizen.

Zax and Ji Qin with their kids Le Le and Yaya

Zax announced that he was dating Ji Qin in 2006 and welcomed Le Le that same year. They also have a 14-year-old son Yaya.

Photos: Ji Qin/Instagram, Zax Wang/Facebook

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