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Zanilia Zhao, Feng Shaofeng to wed in Europe this year?

The pair has been spotted on numerous occasions but have never acknowledged their relationship

Zanilia Zhao, Feng Shaofeng to wed in Europe this year?

Zanilia Zhao (also known as Zhao Liying) and Feng Shaofeng have been rumoured to be in a relationship for over a year but have never publicly acknowledged their relationship. This is despite the pair being spotted holding hands on numerous occasions, which has led to many netizens wondering why the couple has refused to go public.

As it turns out, a source from the entertainment industry claimed that Zanilia’s contract terms for her endorsements include a clause that states that she should keep her love life as low-key as possible. With this new revelation, many netizens have expressed that they can better understand the couple’s unwillingness to officially announce their relationship.

However, recent reports have claimed that Zanilia and Shaofeng have decided to tie the knot in Europe within the year, and that they will go public with their relationship after their nuptials are over. This new rumour comes hot on the heels of claims that the actress is pregnant and will soon be entering her second trimester of pregnancy.

Netizens were further convinced that Zanilia has a bun in the oven after she was spotted on a plane with Shaofeng heading from Shanghai to Shenzhen, as a fellow passenger claimed that she kept a blanket on her stomach throughout the entire trip, and is said to have had a pregnancy glow as well.

Zanilia’s work studio has once again denied rumours of the pregnancy, but netizens have pointed out that their continued denial could backfire on them should Zanilia really be pregnant, as it will be impossible to hide her baby bump as it grows in the coming months.

The pregnancy rumours first started after Zanilia announced that she would be taking a break from work, which was later revealed to be the doctor’s orders as she has sustained multiple injuries all over her body after working non-stop for the past couple of years.

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