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Is Zanilia Zhao expecting twins?

The actress’s husband’s latest 'Weibo post' raised suspicions

Is Zanilia Zhao expecting twins?

Pregnancy rumours have plagued Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao and her husband, Chinese actor Feng Shaofeng, even before the couple announced their flash marriage on October 16 this year.

Yesterday, on November 1, a netizen posted a screenshot of a post by Shaofeng on Weibo. The post contained no images, and only the words, “From here on, 1+1=4,” along with two heart emoticons.

Though the post was deleted within minutes of its initial posting, the netizen had managed to screenshot the post before that happened.

The post fueled speculation that Zanilia was pregnant with twins, though some wondered about the timeliness of the post, as the original post by Shaofeng was posted on October 26.

When reached for comment, Shaofeng denied ever making the post through his work studio, who released a statement.

“[He has] never posted that on Weibo, please refrain from spreading photoshopped pictures, and fabricating lies for news reports.”

Zanilia has also spoken up regarding the rumours of her pregnancy in August, denying that she is expecting.

Photos: PBE Media

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