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Zanilia Zhao on 3 months break to nurse body back to health

Actress’ body is covered with new and old work injuries and doctors advised her to take a break

Zanilia Zhao on 3 months break to nurse body back to health
Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao (Zhao Liying) announced that she will be going on a three-month work hiatus after filming for period series The Story of Minglan wrapped.In an interview with a Chinese publication, the 30-year-old elaborated that she has been working non-stop the last couple of years and decided to take a break as advised by her doctors.After undergoing checkups, she was discovered to have a “blood clot” at the back of her head and a weak heart. As

she prefers to do her own action stunts instead of relying on a body double, she has also sustained several injuries over the years.

Once, Zanilia insisted on filming a horseback riding scene and accidentally fell off the horse. She didn’t think much of her injury and waved it off as a sprain, but after a visit to the hospital it was discovered that her bones and joints had misaligned, resulting in a huge swell.

As one of the most sought-after actresses, Zanilia has been working non-stop since she catapulted to fame with her role in 2015’s The Journey of Flower and that has taken a toll on her body. The actress also shared that many of her old injuries will never fully heal and she needs to “prevent them from deteriorating”.

“The doctor told me I had a weak constitution and it sounded really scary – I had a blood clot at the back of my head and a weak heart. [He] also said I have several injuries on my joints and bones and told me to increase my calcium intake; and I had blood stasis around [various body parts including] the gall bladder.”

She gave a sigh and continued, “I’m like an old person trapped in a young person’s body.”

After the magazine hit newsstands, Zanilia’s interview with the publication was picked up by the mainstream media and the actress found her name topping search rankings on Weibo.

She wrote: “Coincidentally I woke up early today and found myself in the search rankings. Isn’t it normal to take a break and start afresh after that?”


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