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You Won't Believe How Handsome Alan Tam's Son Is

And he's an Oxford grad.

You Won't Believe How Handsome Alan Tam's Son Is

Hongkong singer Alan Tam is one proud papa. His only son, 21-year-old Howard Tam Hiu Fung, recently graduated from Oxford University with a Master’s degree in Engineering Science. And Alan has taken to social media to show off his son’s achievements.

Last week, the 66-year-old singer posted a photo of him hugging his son at the latter’s convocation, with the caption: “Before I know it, Harry Pottam [Ed: A pun on Harry Potter!] has graduated!” So thrilled was the star that he even posed for photos at Oxford wearing his son’s graduation robe.

Not much is known about Howard, the son of Alan and his mistress Wendy Chu. He reportedly met Wendy, who’s 20 years younger than him, at a fan meet in 1995. Alan, who’s been married to Sally Yeung for the past 30 years, came clean about the affair with Wendy after his father’s death in 2006. Even though he’s still legally married to Sally, it’s reported that the couple has been leading separate lives for years.

And it’s reportedly because of these circumstances that Alan avoids talking about Howard in public. It’s also why the only photo he posted of his son at the graduation is one that only shows his back.

Oh Snap! Here's a rare shot of Howard Tam found by HK paps online.

But certain news outlets in Hongkong managed to find photos of Howard, and let’s just say that it’s a pity Alan is keeping him under wraps. From the photos we’ve seen, Alan looks every bit like a star. We also hear that he’s as musically talented as his dad, and can play the piano, guitar and drums. However, Alan is reportedly against the idea of his son joining showbiz, and has rejected record label Universal Music’s offer to sign him on as an artiste.

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