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Yao Yuanhao apologises for leaked picture of Cyndi Wang

The actor maintains that the picture was not secretly taken

Yao Yuanhao apologises for leaked picture of Cyndi Wang

Taiwanese actor Yao Yuanhao has taken to his personal Facebook page to express his apologies over the leaked picture of his ex-girlfriend, Taiwanese singer-actress Cyndi Wang, for the first time, days after the matter first blew up in the media.

“Cyndi, [I’m] very very sorry, I will bear the brunt of the criticism,” he wrote on his Facebook. He also waxed lyrical about his relationship with Cyndi, affirming that even though they are no longer a couple, the love and memories they shared will never fade. However, he emphasised yet again, that the picture was not secretly taken, and that it was a picture that was taken whilst they were very much in love with each other.

“It’s a beautiful memory that was not “secretly taken”, nor does it harbour any malicious intent, which Cyndi and I are clear about,” Yuanhao wrote, referring to the leaked photo.

He also confirmed that he is currently in talks with the police and his lawyers, to get to the bottom of this matter.

Cyndi’s company later replied to Yuanhao’s apology via an official statement, where they refuted the 35-year-old’s claims, and stated that the picture was taken without the knowledge of Cyndi.

“Whilst Cyndi was taking an afternoon nap, she was woken up by the sound of Mr Yao taking a picture of her without her consent. His actions are thus classified as “secretly taking” a picture,” her company wrote, adding that the singer-actress had requested for Yuanhao to delete the picture immediately.

“Mr Yao referred to his actions as something that was not secretly done, which “Cyndi and I are clear about”. [We] cannot comprehend why [he] continuously tries to implicate Cyndi, to get her to assume responsibility [for this matter] along with him,” the company continued on to write.

Cyndi’s company also requested for an explanation as to how the photo ending up in the public domain after the singer-actress had requested for him to delete the picture, and how he plans to deal with the issue at hand.

“He [Yuanhao] said that he has already reported this to the police, and is in talks with his lawyers now, but what [exactly] does he plan to do? Is he suing the people who are spreading the photo? Or finding out who leaked the photo?,” they wrote.

Cyndi' agency also criticised Yuanhao for apologising with “illogical words” only after being pressured to do so by the public, sharing that neither Yuanhao nor his company had ever uttered a word of apology regarding this issue to Cyndi, both in public and in private, until now.

Yuanhao and Cyndi broke up thrice in the past four years, and latest reports have suggested that the stars have moved on since their latest breakup in February.

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In other related news, Cyndi’s ex-boyfriend, Taiwanese actor Fan Chih-Wei has joined in on the media frenzy, making a number of comments on his personal Weibo account.

Back when the pair were still dating, intimate photos of Cyndi and Chih-Wei were also leaked online, and the actor had insinuated that Cyndi was not a virgin.

Yesterday night, the actor suddenly posted his opinion on the matter, writing, “Cyndi tells everything to Yao Yuanhao! Everyone knows that”. His post garnered a lot of attention from netizens, who commented that he was “just like Yuanhao”.

He then took offence at the comments and hit back, writing, “None of your goddamn business”, and “Are you guys really idiots?”. He also replied to a commenter who criticised him for acting poorly towards Cyndi, with, “Some people will always have terrible ex-boyfriends”.

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