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Yang Mi shoots back at those who call her a bad mother

The Chinese actress discussed her parenting methods for the first time since her divorce

Yang Mi shoots back at those who call her a bad mother

Even before her divorce from Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau, Chinese actress Yang Mi has been branded by some netizens as a bad mother to her 5-year-old daughter nicknamed Xiao Nuo Mi on multiple occasions. On a recent episode of Chinese reality programme Great Escape, she finally addressed these accusations head-on, shooting them down once and for all.

“I hope that netizens don’t come up with tall tales about situations that they know nothing about. Just because I don’t post about (my daughter) online doesn’t mean that I don’t love her. Just because I’m a working mum doesn’t mean that I work 365 days a year, so please stop talking about things that aren’t true,” she shared.

In one of the filming locations, five phrases that parents should never say to their children were hung up on the wall. The writings were, ‘What was the point of me raising you?’ ‘Mum and dad won’t want you if you keep doing this’, ‘I never promised you that’, ‘We’re doing this all for your own good’ and ‘I told you but you never listened’.

When Yang Mi saw these writings, her expression hardened and she declared that she will never say these words to her daughter. She explained that children need acknowledgement and encouragement from their parents.

She continued, “Parents should respect their children’s choices as they are individuals themselves. Giving them space to think for themselves and the ability to make their own choices will allow them to grow up with a healthy mindset, love life as it is and enjoy their individuality. I hope children are all able to live the lives that they want to live.”

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