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Yang Mi accused of being a bad mum

The Chinese actress was criticised for not spending time with her daughter

Yang Mi accused of being a bad mum
Chinese actress Yang Mi came under fire again recently, after she was spotted at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka with a male companion.The 31-year-old actress was dressed in a striking neon green hoodie, but had on a black facial mask to conceal her identity. Her cover was blown when she joined the queue for an amusement ride, and photos of her were taken and shared on social media.However, the photos drew ire from netizens, who slammed her for “forgetting about her daughter”, and for choosing to spend her free time with her male friend instead of with her family.In view of all the negative comments directed towards the star, some fans spoke up in Yang Mi’s defense, and clarified that she was in Japan for a magazine shoot.They added that the actress deserves to have her own rest time even with a family, and probably decided to head to Universal Studios when she had nothing scheduled for the day.
Yang Mi married Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau in 2014, and they have a 3-year-old daughter together,

nicknamed ‘Xiao Nuo Mi’ (or Little Glutinous Rice).

While the actress once shared her wish for ‘Xiao Nuo Mi’ to live under the radar, explaining the lack of active updates about the 3-year-old, her clarification has not stopped criticisms going her way since she became a mother.

Besides getting criticised previously for missing her daughter’s birthday party for work, Yang Mi was also most recently suspected to have spent Chinese New Year away from home.

That rumour was later denied by Hawick, who explained that they spent time together at a clubhouse to celebrate the occasion after they reunited.

Photos: PBE Media

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