Xu Bin is bawling on stage in front of all his guests. In front of him is his bride who also looks like she's about to break into tears.

For a moment, we think we are on the set of a Ch 8 drama, although that isn't too far from the truth. We're at the wedding banquet of Xu Bin and his wife Wang Yifei, held at Orchard Hotel this afternoon.

The 28-year-old actor surprised everyone last month when he suddenly announced that he was getting married to his girlfriend whom he dated in secret for close to four years.

Today, the groom looks understandably nervous especially when reciting his wedding vows on stage. Looking into the eyes of his bride, he says, his voice quavering with every word: “As an actor, I’ve acted in many shows and played many different roles over the years. However, I haven’t played the role of a boyfriend well. In the past few years, we couldn’t behave like a normal couple, and I couldn’t hold your hand in public.”

With tears flowing down his cheek, he takes a deep breath before continuing: “We also have had a long distance relationship, and that made our love incomplete. But from today onwards, I want to dedicate my whole life to give you a complete relationship. I love you.”

Yifei, who by now is in tears too, reciprocates with an equally touching speech, saying: “Thank you for doting on me and taking care of me. From the day I knew you, I’ve been thinking of you and loving you every day. Finally, we are standing here. We overcame the challenges of time and space to be here. From now , I want you to be the second luckiest person in the world, because I’m the luckiest one!”

The four-hour lunch saw some 250 guests in attendance, with stars like Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Huang Biren, Chew Chor Meng and more showing up to give their blessings.

Fann, who’s been married to Chris since 2009, has one piece of marriage advice for the couple. “Marriage is a blissful stage in a couple’s life. From getting engaged to walking down the aisle to giving birth, it’s a process which the couple must enjoy,” she smiles. “It’s very different from their dating stage, and I wish them all the best!” 

Chor Meng, who plays Xu Bin's dad in 118, adds: "Good communication is very important. They must always have mutual respect and understanding, and listen to each other. Even though I've been married for quite a while, I'm still learning too. Marriage is a lifelong learning process! (smiles)"