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Wu Chun rubbishes rumours of Aaron Yan’s crush on Jiro Wang

Previous reports claimed that the Fahrenheit members had a complicated relationship

Wu Chun rubbishes rumours of Aaron Yan’s crush on Jiro Wang

Aaron Yan made the headlines last month for allegedly cheating on his ex-boyfriends, causing many netizens to be shocked by the sudden news.

Following the scandal, rumours emerged that Aaron previously had a crush on his former fellow Fahrenheit member, Jiro Wang for six years. The reports went on to claim that Yoga Lin’s song, ‘Unrequited’, was written about Aaron’s one-sided love towards the other man.

During a recent appearance in Taiwan, Wu Chun was asked about these claims, to which he flatly denied them. Sharing that Aaron had responded to his texts (when the matter broke out), he added that they will not be able to meet as Aaron will not be in Taiwan when he is there.

“Everyone is just overthinking things,” Wu Chun said about the rumours. “If you ask Yoga Lin, he’ll definitely say that he wasn’t writing about (Aaron and Jiro), and I think it’s just everyone taking things too far.”

Citing himself as an example, Wu Chun went on, “In the past, they wouldn’t come to me and say, ‘Wu Chun, are you married? Do you have a child?’ and so on, and we always did our job properly when (Fahrenheit) was still together.”

As for the possibility of a Fahrenheit reunion one day, Wu Chun mused that it’s not impossible as the members are still maintaining a good relationship. “If we wanted to reunite one day, I think it’s possible,” he concluded.

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