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Would Huang Xiaoming let his son become a firefighter?

The actor says it’s one of his life’s greatest honours to play a firefighter in ‘The Bravest’.

Would Huang Xiaoming let his son become a firefighter?

Huang Xiaoming may be the star of The Bravest, a film that is based on the true story of a team of firefighters, but he hopes that when audiences watch his performance, they will forget about him and remember the courageous heroes who risked their lives to contain a massive disaster instead.

“The most important purpose of this movie is to pay tribute to firefighters,” he shared during a promotional event in Chengdu, China yesterday (Jul 23), which he attended with director Tony Chan and co-star Tan Zhuo. “They are ordinary people who hope to be able to return to their families at the end of the day, but ultimately, they choose to sacrifice themselves to keep others safe. It is one of my life’s greatest honours to be able to play a firefighter.”

According to Tony, Xiaoming would not have been able to take on this role 10 years ago, as he was a completely different person back then. The 41-year-old actor agreed, saying that now that he has a family and child of his own, he no longer wants to play superficial characters. “I want to present a complicated human being with fears, weaknesses, and flaws to the audience, instead of some one-dimensional high and mighty hero,” he explained.

Xiaoming added that in the past, he did not know how to turn down bad projects, which ended up hurting himself and his loved ones. “I’ve started becoming more selective with my social circle in order to prioritise my family better,” he said. “I don’t want to waste my time and effort on people and things that are not worth it.”

When asked how he would react if “Little Sponge”, his two-year-old son with actress Angelababy, told him that he wanted to become a firefighter, Xiaoming admitted that he does not have a straight answer. “I will let him watch this film first and let him decide if he still really wants to go down that path,” he said. “If he does, then I will definitely respect and support his decision.”

Photos: TPG, Weibo/Huang Xiaoming

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