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The Women Aaron Kwok (Reportedly) Dated Over The Years

Yes, the actor does have a penchant for leggy model-types.

The Women Aaron Kwok (Reportedly) Dated Over The Years

Before Aaron Kwok registered for marriage with his 29-year-old Chinese model-girlfriend, Moka Fang, he had no lack of women in his life. Here are the Heavenly King’s many, many (rumoured) love interests over the years.

His most high-profile relationship before Moka. But Aaron’s romance with the Chinese actress-model eventually succumbed to the seven-year itch — if the rumours are to be believed. The most the 51-year-old fiercely-private star has done to acknowledge this relationship? Reaching over to shake her hand during one of his concerts in 2013. But they broke up the same year, and Aaron was quoted as saying, “When a pair of shoes don’t suit you… you’ll change it, just like your partner.” After Aaron went public with his relationship with Moka in 2015, Lynn, who was dating now-hubby Hongkong businessman Ken Kwok, reacted by posting on Weibo a photo of her and her beau in matching shoes. Passive aggressive much?

The Hongkong-based Canadian actress was reportedly left in tears after tabloids claimed she was the “boyfriend snatcher” who stole Aaron from Lynn. Her sex-kitten image didn’t help her case either. Aaron was spotted leaving Christine’s apartment several times after the pair met in 2012 on the set of a TV commercial.

After Aaron broke up with Lynn, Chinese model Anna Kay was spotted leaving his apartment several times (are we spotting a pattern here?), sparking speculations that their relationship was purely physical.

He reportedly started dating Hongkong actress-singer, who's now married to Beyond member Paul Wong, after the pair met on the set of 1996 Hongkong drama Wars of Bribery.

The Chinese-French model had starred in one of Aaron’s music video.

Sparks reportedly flew between the Canadian-Chinese sexbomb and Aaron when they filmed a music special back in the early '90s. The 46-year-old mother-of-three is now on her third marriage - she married Chinese actor Zhang Lunshuo, 33, last year after meeting him on a dating show #truestory.

Japanese model-actress Norika Fujiwara was his co-star in Chinese thriller China Strike Force in 2000, and the pair was spotted going out on a few dates.

The Hongkong actress's claim to fame will always be Aaron’s first (rumoured) girlfriend. But don't try googling for her, unless you're in the privacy of your own room, if you know what we mean.

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