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Is Wilber Pan Dating This Insta-Famous China Eastern Airlines Stewardess?

Their social media posts sure seem to suggest so.

Is Wilber Pan Dating This Insta-Famous China Eastern Airlines Stewardess?

Are we surprised that another male star is romancing an Internet celebrity? Moka Fang, who starred in a web series touted to be China’s version of Sex and the City, made an honest man out of Aaron Kwok, Show Luo is currently seeing Chinese influencer Zhou Yang Qing, and now Wilber Pan is said to be dating an air stewardess who reportedly has a massive IG following.

According to Apple Daily, the 37-year-old singer is now seeing and living with a China Eastern Airlines air stewardess known only (at least for now) by her IG handle @luna_xuany. When asked about the rumour, Wilber’s record company Warner Music, said “We will not respond to questions about the personal lives of our artistes”, which, if you ask us, may not be a confirmation but is also not an outright denial. Another interesting thing? After news broke that she’s dating Wilber, Luna (can we call her that now?) immediately shut her Instagram account down.

So what gave the game away? Turns out, eagle-eyed netizens spotted that the Supreme X Louis Vuitton trunk Luna had Instagrammed was the same one that Wilber has in his room - the singer had Instagrammed a pic of the trunk next to his trophies. Netizens also noted that both IG pics were taken in the same room aka Wilber’s room, as the flooring in both photos are exactly the same. In case you want to know, the Supreme X LV trunk costs a whopping $97,000.

The pair has also Instagrammed the same Supreme cash cannon and they've been seen on social media wearing the same model of Rolex. At least we can confirm that they both have expensive tastes.

It’s been said that Wilber and Luna met through mutual friends in Shanghai and that she has visited him at work, but always with a bunch of friends so as to not raise the suspicions of those around him. Luna is said to have a penchant for high fashion brands — she once said that she was “controlled by Chanel” —and was also once named on a Chinese website as China’s “Most Beautiful Air Stewardess”.

Before Luna, Wilber was said to be dating Bebe Yang, an heiress of a construction company in Taiwan, but they reportedly broke up two years ago.

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