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Why TVB Actor Ruco Chan’s First Proposal To His Fiancée Phoebe Sin Was An Epic Fail

Plus all the photos from their pre-wedding photoshoot.

How do you prove your undying devotion to your other half? For TVB hearththrob Ruco Chan, it meant unfollowing most of the female celebs and his female friends on his Instagram account. His social media purge came about six months before the 41-year-old actor announced on Monday (Sep 10) that he would be getting married to 28-year-old starlet and former Miss Hongkong contestant Phoebe Sin. (Wait, a much older TVB actor getting married to a former pageant girl... sounds familiar?)

Their October nuptials might still be a month away, but looks like Ruco is all ready to embrace his soon-to-be status as married man. Ruco wrote, “All this while, I’ve devoted myself to my work... until Phoebe’s appearance made me understand happiness and trust. As someone with fairly traditional views towards romance, it’s time for me to try my best to start a beautiful family.”

The couple, who has been dating for two years, had flown to Europe for a holiday, where they had secretly done their pre-wedding photoshoot. Ruco has also revealed that he had proposed in Hongkong but chose England as the backdrop for the shoot ’cos Pheobe loves the country and had studied there.

In an interview with Ming Pao, Phoebe said that she rejected Ruco’s first proposal ’cos “it lacked sincerity”. Ruco had folded a heart-shaped ring out of paper and put it on Phoebe’s finger while she was asleep. “My heart said yes but my mouth said ‘no’,” she joked. Ruco’s second proposal to Phoebe came when the couple were in England. During the pre-wedding photoshoot (which was a surprise to Phoebe), he went down on bended knee in front of a London bus and dozens of people. “That’s what I was waiting for. It was really touching!” recalls Phoebe. She added that she wanted a “simple and low-key” wedding and that she just wants "to create memories for ourselves”.

The pair met in 2016 when Ruco was a guest judge at the Miss Hongkong beauty pageant, where Phoebe was one of the contestants. Their relationship first came to light early last year when they were spotted out on a lunch date. But the actor, who was romantically linked with onscreen partner Nancy Wu at that time, denied it. It was only this July that Ruco admitted he has plans to marry Phoebe. The couple said that they will keep their wedding guest list small, and we’re guessing Nancy won’t be on the list. Rumour has it that since Ruco went public with his romance, Nancy has rejected working with the actor again, and the pair went from chummy co-workers to enemies. Oh and did we mention that Nancy was one of the people Ruco unfollowed?

After Ruco announced the happy news, some netizens speculated that Phoebe may be walking down the aisle with a bun in the oven. But the couple has denied the rumours, and said that they will work on having children after marriage.



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