Why Park Bo Gum Doesn't Go To Crowded Places Anymore

'Cos even we would mob the Crown Prince of K-dramas if we were to see him on the streets.

“Who is the most popular Korean actor in Singapore?” 

That was the question Park Bo Gum posed to the Singapore media yesterday (Feb 17) at the press con to promote his fan meet. But even before the press had time to react, the 23-year-old, who shot to fame thanks to his role as the Crown Prince in Love in the Moonlight, had already broken into peals of laughter while saying “Just kidding, just kidding” in English. Such is the unassuming boy-next-door charm of the Korean cutie, who behaves more like a bashful schoolboy than Korea's most in-demand heartthrob.

Also reminding us of school was the many rules we had to abide to during the press con. Like how we were only allowed to snap photos from our seats during the photo call and all questions had to be submitted before the press con, and those questions to be asked only by the host. God forbid we actually have a conversation with PBG. However, thanks to Bo Gum, the 40 minute-long press con was far from the exercise in restraint we had expected. Like how he would occasionally throw a question or two back to the host or media, surprising everyone. And even when PBG said nothing at all and just flashed that smile of his, it was enough to incite a flurry of camera flashes. 

Guess he knows the answer to his own question. 


On all the praise that has been lavished on him
“I’m so grateful for all these beautiful terms that has been given to me. I don’t know who came up with them. But I really want to live up to all these terms and touch the hearts of many people around me.”

On his Love in the Moonlight co-stars
“Of course, there was a bit of awkwardness in the beginning. But, we grew so close and we are all friends now. In fact, we were so close that sometimes, on set, the director would scold us for making too much noise.”


On what has changed since his rising popularity
“There are now a lot more people who recognize me. So, I cannot really go to a crowded place anymore. I’m concerned that it will result in overcrowding and that might affect others in that area.”

On what he would change about his appearance
“I wish I was a little taller. And there are many features that I want to improve on. But, the most important thing is to love yourself so that you can focus on your positive aspects. So, even though I think my most attractive feature is my eyes, I like every part of myself ’cos I love myself and appreciate myself for who I am.”