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This Is Why Jay Chou Is An Amazing Husband

The things he does for his wife Hannah.

This Is Why Jay Chou Is An Amazing Husband

You would think that for a megastar like Jay Chou, having an Instagram account is a given. But Jay only created one about a month ago (which came with him struggling to get the account 'blue-tick' verified) for the reason that "maybe one day I'll have a lot of Hollywood friends they will need to @me haha," as he explained in his first post.

But we think the real reason behind Jay's sudden presence on social media has a lot to do with his wife Hannah Quinlivan. According to Jay's latest Insta post, he had shot an audition tape (which he said was his proudest piece of work since his directorial debut Secret) for his wife Hannah Quinlivan just two days after she gave birth to their son, Romeo. She eventually got the role in the upcoming Hollywood movie and will be starring against none other than The Rock Dwayne Johnson. The proud hubby then went on to tell his followers (472K and fast growing) to show his wife some support.

Now, don't we all want to be married to Jay Chou?

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