Why Does Li Nanxing Not Want To Film Intimate Scenes With His Female Co-stars?

Pray tell, Ah Ge.

Li Nanxing may have romanced countless of females stars onscreen over the past 30 years, but filming intimate scenes with them still remains a mental barrier for the Ah Ge. 

“I don’t do such scenes because I don’t know how to express myself," the 52-year-old tells us at the press con for his new Ch 8 drama My Teacher is a Thug. "It’s very fake and awkward for me.”

“If you want me to do a tough action scene, sure. I don’t mind getting injured for a role, but it’s difficult for me to act in bed scenes or scenes with too much physical contact with women (laughs)."

Nanxing, who plays a martial arts teacher who romances Phyllis Quek in the upcoming drama, adds: “When you watch the show, you’ll realise that the part where we start falling for each other only takes up a small portion. I requested the production team to place less focus on our love story and more on the main plot itself.”

My Teacher is a Thug, which explores the dynamics between teachers and young students in a school, will be Nanxing’s only Ch 8 drama this year. This one-Ch-8-drama-a-year quota is something Nanxing has been sticking to. “I’m very fortunate that viewers here still like to watch me on TV, but I think one show a year for Singapore is just nice,” he says, adding the filming for Thug took more than four months. 

The actor has been also busy in China and Taiwan - he filmed Chinese movie Mum I’m Running Out Of Time in Shanghai earlier this year. The movie, which also stars Taiwanese actress Tian Xin, is a heartwarming tale about mother-children relationships and is slated for release next Mother’s Day.

Not all of Nanxing's work is in front of the camera. The business-savvy star's company, LNX Global, which signed Constance Song as its first talent in 2015, has been investing in productions in the region. His most recent venture is upcoming Taiwanese movie Turn Around, which is about a teacher who chooses to stay and teach in a village that was ravaged by the 921 earthquake. 

“All of these things are why I only do one Ch 8 drama," laughs Nanxing. "They are enough to keep me occupied for one whole year!”

My Teacher is a Thug premieres on Aug 28, 9pm on Ch 8. 


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