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Why didn't Jordan Chan's son come to his concert?

The singer-actor shared his thoughts on China's new television policy for minors

Why didn't Jordan Chan's son come to his concert?

Jordan Chan held a concert in Macau on April 6, and his wife Cherrie Ying, as well as his good friends Yumiko Cheng and Roy Cheung, came to show their support.

The singer-actor admitted that he was a bit nervous about performing in the city for the very first time, but he was also looking forward to having a good time and was confident that the concert would be smooth-sailing as he's already held a few shows.

When asked if he brought his son Jasper to watch the concert, Jordan shared that he had intended to do so at first, but was afraid it would be too troublesome. "When he found out that the show would be two hours long, he didn't want to come because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to go to the washroom," he explained.

Jordan then shared his thoughts on China's National Radio and Television Administration's new policy, which will prohibit the "sensationalising" or "over-commercialising" of minors, thus potentially affecting the hit reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? that he and Jasper are on.

"My son has already been able to travel to many places that children don't normally visit," he said. "Whether the show will be broadcasted or not is not within our control."

Jordan Chan is bringing his Stop Angry tour to Singapore on May 11 (Saturday), 8pm, at Resorts World Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre. Tickets are priced at S$188, S$158, S$128, S$108, and S$88​​​​​​​, and are now available on SISTIC.

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