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Which Mandopop Queen Is This?

Don't you just love celeb #throwback pics?

Which Mandopop Queen Is This?

The girl in blue on the right gave her fans two presents recently. First is her new album, 'A Dancing Van Gogh', which was released two weeks ago.

The second is the picture below.

The star in question is none other than Stefanie Sun, who posted the throwback picture on Weibo and Instagram, to the delight of her fans. Isn't young Stef just plain adorbs with her ponytails, a traditional Chinese costume and nerdy specs?Along with picture is the caption: "Accompanying me like a shadow, like a surname. I am the one in blue." The company she's referring to is the younger girl on the left, her sister Sng Ee Mei.The homegrown Mandopop queen, who has a five-year-old son, also recently revealed plans to try for a second child next year.

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