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Which Army Daze Actor Has A Fear Of Public Toilets?

Asking the cast of Army Daze about army lingo reveals a lot.

Which Army Daze Actor Has A Fear Of Public Toilets?

Has it really been 30 years since Army Daze by local playwright and former 8 DAYS head honcho Michael Chiang was first staged in 1987? The play (it was made into a 1996 movie and had six stagings including a musical version in 2013) returns with a stage sequel set three decades after Malcolm Png & co. ORD loh. “The boys have gone separate ways since NS. Now, they’ll reunite and the audience meets them the same way,” says Michael. Directed by Beatrice Chia-Richmond, the upcoming play sees the Hotel Company boys back together while the son of Malcolm (Hossan Leong), now a director of public affairs with the SAF, enlists for NS.

HOSSAN LEONGWhen I kena arrow… I’d just bite the bullet and do the task if it’s not against my beliefs. But I’m good at wriggling out of things I don’t want to do. I’m an actor mah (guffaws)! I’ve managed to wriggle out of many things in my life, especially in NS. I was in PES E during NS, and that meant I could get out of doing route marches, field camps and guard duty. I didn’t do anything that would save this country. I wanted to, but I wasn’t allowed to. Ha! So if anything happens, don’t come and look for me!

I last had to wake up my idea… During a period in my life when things went my way easily and I was very relaxed. But suddenly there were no jobs coming in, and I realised that life was not a bed of roses all the time. If I’m not acting anymore, what can I do? So I started a company [Double Confirm Productions] to nurture and create younger talents.

CHUA ENLAII’m most on the ball… Right after I wake up. This is kinda gross but I need to get my system going by [doing things like] downing two cups of coffee and jumping around ’cos I’ve to do a number two before I go out. I can’t deal with public toilets. I have publictoiletcubiclephobia!I last turned into a kancheong spider… When I had a camera installed in my new car. One day I heard a message that an impact had been recorded. Who is the bloody b****** who langgah [Malay for ‘crashed into’] my car?! I jumped out of my car and examined it a million times but couldn’t find a scratch. I reviewed the footage and found absolutely nothing too. Maybe it was just a fat cat jumping onto my sun roof?
OON SHU ANThe last time I chao keng… It was when I had a social appointment with my friends, but all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn’t want to let them down, so I just came up with an excuse. But I can’t tell you my go-to excuse, ’cos then I’d be exposed!When it comes to tekan… I’m always the one being tekan-ed. I’m not a very humourous person, or a comedian like Hossan [Leong] or [Chua] Enlai. People always tell me, “Eh! Joke more leh!” and I’d be like, “What do you want me to say?!” It takes me a while to register if they’re just pulling my leg or they’re being serious ’cos I just take everything so seriously.
EBI SHANKARAWhen I kena arrow… I redirect the arrow at my juniors.I last had to wake up my idea… When I went to a wedding fair recently ’cos my girlfriend and I are planning to get hitched. Looking at how much everything costs really woke me up.------------
Catching up with... NATALIE ONGAlso starring in Army Daze 2 is 16-year-old Melbourne-based Singaporean singer Natalie Ong, who made headlines last year for her superb run on X Factor Australia.8 DAYS: Tell us more about your role in Army Daze 2.Natalie Ong: I auditioned and got the role of Renee, a Westernised blogger who gets involved in a love triangle with two characters. I’m a little like her in the sense that my parents are Singaporeans who moved to Australia, I was raised there and I speak with an Australian accent. But I come back to Singapore often and when I hang out with my cousins here, all my Singlish comes out!What have you been busy with since appearing on X Factor Australia last year?I’m now based in Singapore till August, and I’ve been performing a lot here. Recently, I did the Home Team Show & Festival to celebrate 50 years of National Service, and I’m also

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