Wheelchair-bound Andy Lau Finally Out Of Hospital

But his injuries are a lot more serious than we thought.

 It’s been almost three months, 53 days to be exact, since Andy Lau was hospitalised for injuries sustained from falling off a horse while filming a commercial in Thailand. And we finally have some good news: the Heavenly King is now fit enough to go home. Andy posted a selfie and this note on his official fan site this morning (Mar 10):  

andy lau hospital inset

“I’m going home… I went for a full day of check-ups yesterday. It was midnight when the results were released. I was sitting on my wheelchair in my ward, calmly listening to the doctor’s evaluation. But I wasn’t taking anything in… until he said: “You can go home!” I nearly stood up to hug the doctor… too bad I’m still not strong enough to do that.
To my dear family, the fracture in my pelvis is healing well, the fractures in my vertebrae, my sciatic nerve system, and the injuries to my muscles and tendons are all recovering slowly. Everything is looking bright and sunny again.
Do not worry too much about me… In this home, I wish that family members are together with me. And I thank all my friends in the media who have given me the space to recover during this period. I can see and feel the support the media has shown me.
I have read all the well-wishes everyone has left for me at home, and it has been like a miracle drug for me. Believe me! I will be able to stand on my own soon! - Andy.”

We can’t wait to see the hardest-working star in the world back in action again. 


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