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This Is What The New F4 And Shan Cai Look Like

They sure can give Jerry Yan and friends a run for their money.

This Is What The New F4 And Shan Cai Look Like

Has it really been 16 years since Jerry Yan and his follicly-blessed buddies became Asia's biggest idols, thanks to their hit Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden?

Its phenomenal success launched an idol drama wave, as well as South Korean and Japanese remakes. And now, the drama has come full circle with the announcement of a Meteor Garden TV reboot. In case you didn't know, the drama is based on the immensely-popular Japanese manga series Hana Yori Dango (or Boys Over Flowers).

In a press conference for the drama held in Shanghai on Thursday (Nov 9), it was revealed that 20-year-old rookie Chinese actress Shen Yue will be playing the new Shan Cai, a spunky, whip-smart lass who attends a university teeming with rich kids. The character was played by Barbie Hsu in the original TV series.

And the actors who will be playing the school's richest and most handsome boys, collectively known as F4, are Dylan Wang (Dao Ming Si, originally played by Jerry Yan), Darren Chen (Hua Ze Lei aka Vic Zhou's star-making role), Connor Leong (Mei Zuo, the Vanness Wu role) and Caesar Wu (Xi Men, who Ken Chu starred as ). Apart from Darren who is Taiwanese, the rest of the guys are from China.

Interesting fact: The boys are all 21 years old and boast an average height of 1.85m, which makes them the tallest and youngest bunch of actors to play the iconic characters.

During the conference, Dylan revealed that he was only three years old when the original drama aired, and that his mum even skipped cooking dinner to watch the drama. Then there was Darren who said that he was still in kindergarten at the height of the original drama's popularity, and that he once formed an "F4" with his pals during his younger days.

The highly-anticipated remake, helmed by Angie Chai aka the same producer behind the original, is set to hit TV screens next year. The 48-episode drama has a production cost of NT$720 million (S$33 million), 30 times more than the original series.

What we're wondering though is if the new Meteor Garden will be using the same theme song (come on, you know what song we're talking about) as the original. 'Cos that would be meteor-ific.

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