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What Happened When EXO Visited The Heartlands One Afternoon

It was nothing short of mayhem.

What Happened When EXO Visited The Heartlands One Afternoon

Stylish and super popular are words that can be easily used to describe American footwear brand Skechers. But they could very well be referring to the brand's celeb ambassador, K-pop boyband EXO, too. Three of the members, Suho, 26, Chanyeol, 24, and Sehun, 23, dropped by Causeway Point last Saturday (June 10) to grace the grand finals of Skechers’ inaugural Sweet Monster K-pop dance competition.

So what if only three of EXO's nine members were present? It was still more than enough reason for over 5, 500 fans to make their way to the event. And boy, were the fans there early — some camped out outside the mall from 12.30am the night before so they could chope a spot near the stage the second the mall opens. That's a whopping 18-hour wait since the boys only appeared at 6.30pm. If that's not love, we don’t know what is. And then there were the fans who swarmed the mall's four stories to catch a glimpse of the trio for all of 15 minutes. At one point, the screams were so deafening that host, 987FM jock Sonia Chew, had to ask the crowd to quiet down so the translator could hear what the boys were saying.

The real action, though, took place below the stage. Just before the boys’ appearance, a bunch of fangirls had scrambled over the barricades and sneaked into the media pit to get a closer glimpse of their idols. They huddled together with the media, hoping to escape the eagle-eyed scrutiny of the security team. No such luck. They were soon discovered and chased out. One fangirl was asked by a stern security guard to get out of the area the same way she got in. “If you can climb over the barricade to come in, you can climb back out the same way. Climb over now!” he barked at said fan. And of course there the hysterical fans who began weeping like they were love sick characters in a K-drama the second their idols came on stage. Er, (K-)drama much?

The chaos at the Causeway Point couldn't be more different from the very-calm and very-orderly press con, held a few hours earlier at the Cathay Cinema in Causeway Point. Here are three things we found out about the EXO members during the 10-min press meet.

On what they love about Singapore (besides chilli crabs, of course)
Chanyeol: Every trip here, we’ve been wanting to go to the Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands. Yesterday, we got the chance to go there for a while to enjoy the scenery. If there’s a chance in future, we’ll bring the other members there too.” Fangirls, you know where to stalk them the next time.

On what advice they would give to other aspiring pop stars
Suho: If you chase your dreams, I think they will eventually come true.
Chanyeol: If you’re desperate enough and you dream big, you’ll be able to fulfill your dreams.

On their upcoming plans
Suho: We’re preparing for our new album. Although we just ended our world tour, we’re already planning for our next one.


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