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Weng Hong’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Wears Period Costume For Photoshoot; Wows Netizens

Both mum and daughter didn't think she would be able to carry off the look at first, though.

Weng Hong’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Wears Period Costume For Photoshoot; Wows Netizens

Former Category III star Weng Hong’s 14-year-old daughter, Crystal, has attracted quite a bit of attention for her appearance from netizens in recent years.

Some says she has inherited her mum’s good looks, while others says she bears a striking resemblance to Hongkong singer-actress Charlene Choi.

The teen recently took to Weibo to share some pics from her first photoshoot in period costume.

Dressed in a pink embroidered robe with her hair done up in a half bun, Crystal looked very much the part posing against the backdrop of a period set.

She didn’t think she could carry off the look at first, though.

“I never thought that I would look like this in period costume. I always thought I wasn’t suited for the look, but the results were much better than expected,” she wrote.

Crystal also shared more about the photoshoot, which left a deep impression on her.

"Hengdian was really cold at the beginning of the year and through this photoshoot, I really felt that it is not easy being an actor. I was only there for a photoshoot, but the actors have to film in such cold conditions all day!" she said.

She added that she enjoyed the experience and hopes to have the opportunity to wear period costumes again.

Someone give her a role in a period drama already

Weng Hong, 53, shared the Weibo post, saying that she is glad Crystal recognises how tough it is to be an actor.

“Many people are attracted by the glitz and glamor of showbiz, but they overlook the hardship involved. You only did a photoshoot in the cold weather, and it left such a deep impression on you. Mum is very heartened because only through experience can you truly understand that in every industry, you need to continuously put in effort to enrich and improve yourself,” said Weng Hong.

The proud mama added: "From a professional point of view, you look better in modern wear. But you look good in period style too. It turned out better than I imagined!"

Crystal with her parents, Weng Hong and gym instructor dad, Liu Lunhao

Netizens too thought Crystal looked pretty in the period costume and urged her to post more pics.

There were comments like “She evokes the aura of a princess”, "Looks like a fairy" and "Weng Hong and Crystal are both beautiful”.

Photos: Crystal Liu/Weibo



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